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  1. most people would like
  2. people would like to know whether we believe that Patty is a member of the SLA or not
  3. personally I don't believe it
  4. we've had her 20 years
  5. they've had her 60 days I don't believe
  6. she's gonna change her philosophy that quickly
  7. and I'll never believe it until she
  8. talks to me or her mother or sisters
  9. or one of her cousins and is freed and free to talk without any
  10. without any influence whatsoever, when we know there's no influence on her whatsoever,
  11. at that time, if it's her choice to become a member of the organization like this
  12. will still love her and shes free to do whatever you want after all
  13. we are not after
  14. is free leather come home a dog
  15. and that's just the way we feel about
  16. I go with my husband and I know my girl very well and I know she never
  17. never join any organizations like that without being for the lover
  18. hope you be home again soon
  19. I'm not
  20. any particular right friends minecraft to be talking now I do
  21. talking now I just finished listen to the tape in minutes ago but it seems important to me
  22. important to me to say some things that I'm feeling right now nothing
  23. not think about them too much screwed up A
  24. TSLA is said that they are the instrument of the people
  25. the people and yet the will of the people is certainly been released
  26. Bentleys lately that when will the two captured soldiers has been
  27. has been tickets for freedom
  28. 100 conciled reconcile
  29. reconciled to the idea that atoms must of mature great deal in the past 2 months
  30. but it seems to me in
  31. incredibly Sunoco on the part of the SLA for them to think that
  32. medicine for Cena dead I can't believe it at ease reviews for free
  33. fuse for freedom in an even more than that she's refuse to heaven even talk to me
  34. talk to me explain to me what's going on Mon last last several weeks
  35. gypsy told it is she is she
  36. is she is she told to me in person I can't believe it would be easy but I can't believe it
  37. believe it just seems to me that the SLA has most 7
  38. credible a little tenderness of me and people would have been falling s
  39. as if they think that is that this isn't given to us
  40. given to a stat no questions can be asked about this
  41. this and it did it really seems that if es la wants
  42. pictures to be known and I don't say that in Nevada
  43. and by that I don't mean to imply that they don't want you to be no I'm just so I just mean when I say if they wanted
  44. if they want the truth you know it seems to me that they have they must ask
  45. ask Patty and she doesn't want to ask ur Toledo police
  46. Toledo police temporarily and speak your mind if she only speak to me that start with
  47. that would be enough I'm
  48. I don't have much to cancel what else much more to say I just
  49. just want to tell patty that I love her as much as I ever I think she
  50. I think she knows that I can accept whatever she is chosen
  51. chosen in even though it may be hard for me I know that she knows that
  52. but that for me to accept what is happened today with out
  53. without men again the matter that has been given to me his feet
  54. just be to sell her out that's the way I feel right now