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111124 - Roots to Grow - The Need for radical Spaces in Movement-Building Part 1/2


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Recorded Nov 24th, 2011.

What is the role of physical spaces--like Rhizome--in supporting social movements? What can we learn from other radical spaces, both those that came before us and others that are currently in existence?

As part of Rhizome's fifth anniversary celebration, join us for a panel discussion to explore these questions. Panelists from a variety of spaces will share their experiences and lead us in a discussion that will help position Rhizome as part of a network of radical spaces, and as part of a legacy and tradition of resistance.

Speakers will share their experiences as organizers working out of La Quena, the Kalayaan Centre, the Carnegie Centre, Occupy Vancouver, Spartacus Books, and the Organizing Centre for Social and Economic Justice. The panel will be moderated by members of the Coordinating Collective of the Rhizome Movement-Building Centre.